Malaria is a major health and economic challenge in Ghana today. Women and children are dying. Days of productivity are lost due to illness. We have an opportunity to work together to prevent malaria and to offer treatment and services to those who are ill. Each one of us has been touched by malaria and know tits debilitating impact.

With a small gift you can help to purchase mosquito nets, provide prophylactic medication to pregnant women, offer treatment to sick children.

  • A gift of 10 GHC Clinic visit for a pregnant woman for education and information
  • A gift of 50 GHC Malaria treatment for one child
  • A gift of 100 GHC Treated mosquito nets for a family of 4
  • A gift of 500 GHC One nurse trained in malaria services and education
  • A gift of 5000 GHC Water treatment for one village
  • A gift of 10,000 GHC Bore hole for one community
  • A gift of 50,000 GHC Research study for alternate prevention and treatment options
  • A gift of 100,000 GHC or more Challenge grant to leverage small gift support
  • Let’s join hands with the Ghana Malaria Foundation to make this change today.

Call+233 0243 250765 or +233509030516 to donate.

Thank you.