Our mission is to attract, invest, and manage domestic and international
resources to fight malaria in order to achieve and sustain a Malaria Free Ghana.


are currently categorized in pre-elimination or elimination stage of malaria.


people will be freed from malaria risk when these 19 countries are successful.


New Insecticide-treated Nets are needed for maintain protection for all populations at risk in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Public sector and civil society to raise funds to support service provision to eliminate malaria from Ghana. To do this it will work with the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for Malaria and the body mandated to lead the fight against malaria in Ghana and all other stakeholders in malaria


Funds raised will go to support research that unearths new ideas, innovations and pathways to eliminate malaria. The GMF funds will support research institutions and researchers whose works are in line with the NSP and approved by stakeholders as contributing to reducing the burden of malaria.


Monitoring and Evaluation is critical to the work of the GMF as it helps to foster its core values of Transparency, Accountability and Integrity. The GMF will monitor at various levels the activities to which its funds are put in order to be able to account to those who entrust the Foundation with their resources


To support the work of implementing agencies GMF works to create awareness about the devastating effect of malaria and to empower communities to take action to prevent and rid their communities of the disease.